$20k Reward for Clues on Columbia River Boater Who Harmed Sea Lions

Federal officials are offering a prize of up to $20,000 for information that leads to penalties for the boat driver on the Columbia River who was caught on video this month driving through sea lions near Hayden Island.

According to Oregon Live, The NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement says it will pay for information that leads to a “civil penalty or criminal conviction.” The Marine Mammal Protection Act protects California sea lions and says it is illegal to bother them.

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On April 3, just off Hayden Island, an onlooker took a video of a boater who seemed to be going after groups of resting sea lions.

The boat was a 19- to 20-foot metal Hewescraft Pro-V Sea Runner with a dark blue stripe. It has a soft top, a Yamaha outboard motor, and a Barewest Fish & Wake Tower made of metal.

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The event could have been a better example of how recreational fishing and sea lions, drawn to fish populations, don’t get along. As the number of sea lions has gone up again, the number of salmon in the Pacific Northwest has gone down and down and down.

People who are fishing can only keep sea lions and seals away from their catch by using approved ways that don’t involve killing them.

A shocking video was captured and uploaded to Twitter, showing a boater recklessly driving through sea lions on the Columbia River.

Authorities asked anyone who knew who the boater was or who recognized the boat to call 360-310-0259 or 800-853-1964, a 24/7 helpline.

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