Rare Wolverine Spotted Again in Oregon by Wildlife Officials

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has reported that a wolverine has been seen again. The rare predator has been seen several times in the Portland metro area since the end of March.

The ODFW posted a film on April 6 of a wolverine crossing Highway 20 just east of Santiam Pass. Then, crews from the ODFW Deschutes District confirmed that the tracks were made by a wolverine.

Rare Wolverine Spotted Again in Oregon by Wildlife Officials

Two sailors on the Columbia River saw a wolverine on the bank of McGuire Island on March 20. This was the first time a wolverine had been seen in the area.

Over the next few days, people in Damascus, Oregon City, and Colton saw more wolverines.

Based on the Wolverine’s path, the ODFW says this may be another report of the same animal, but they can’t confirm that now.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife saidΒ that a couple of fishing on the Columbia River near Portland saw the quickhatch for the first time on Monday, 20 March 2023.

Cascadia Wild’s wolverine tracking project coordinator, Teri Lysak, said the sightings had surprised wildlife experts, partly because there are so few wolverines. Cascadia Wild is based in Portland.Β There are only about 300 to 1,000 wolverines left in the U.S.

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