As a company owner in Oregon, we know you’re interested in learning more about the state’s new minimum wage law. To assist you in your endeavor, we have compiled this handy reference for 2023.

What Will Be Oregon’s New Minimum Wage in 2023?

In July, the minimum wage in Oregon will rise, benefiting thousands of employees. The following minimum pay rates will take effect on July 1st, according to Labor Commissioner Christina Stephenson:

  • Standard Minimum Wage: $14.20 per hour
  • Portland Metro Minimum Wage: $15.45 per hour
  • Non-Urban Minimum Wage: $13.20 per hour

The current federal minimum wage rate is $13.50, with provisions requiring minimum wage employees in the Portland metropolitan area to receive $1.25 more than the statutory minimum wage and those in non-urban areas to earn $1.00 less.

Oregon Will Boost Its Minimum Wage in July

The minimum wage in Oregon must be adjusted annually by the state’s Bureau of Labor and Industries, as mandated by state law.

The latest updates on everything happening at Oregon State:

The bureau claims the hike will positively affect consumer spending and the economy: “Raising the minimum wage can increase worker productivity, reduce absenteeism, and strengthen recruitment and retention of employees, which is a critical component of addressing Oregon’s workforce shortage.”

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