Finding the Columbia River Boater Who Hit Sea Lions is Worth $20,000!

The Office of Law Enforcement at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a boater who allegedly ran over a group of sea lions earlier this month.

On April 3 at Hayden Island, a boat is seen traveling east away from the Interstate Bridge and blasting at resting California sea lions in the Columbia River. The vesselΒ plows through the herd, then turns downstream and repeats the process. Whether or whether any sea lions were harmed is unknown.

NOAA’s Michael Milstein expressed his organization’s disappointment that this had occurred aboard the Columbia.

“We try to work with the fishing community to provide options to manage the approach of sea lions, but these animals are wildlife,” Milstein said. According to the Marine Mammal Protection Act, “they are protected.”

Finding the Columbia River Boater Who Hit Sea Lions is Worth $20,000!

Michael explained that fishermen might prevent sea lions from lawfully eating their catch. However, purposefully crashing into them is not one of them. He warned that such behavior might result in penalties, boat seizure, orΒ imprisonment.

We are pretty serious about this. Each year, the Columbia River sees a return visit from these creatures. They’re attracted to the fish fishermen are trying to catch, so we should provide them with the space and protection they need.

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For information leading to a civil penalty or criminal conviction of the boater, NOAA offers a prize of up to $20,000. The Marine Mammal Protection Act forbids h@rassing, h*nting, capturing, or k!lling marine creatures.

It’s an aluminum Hewescraft Pro-V Sea Runner with a dark blue stripe, around 19 to 20 feet long. The Yamaha outboard engine powers the boat’s aluminum Barewest Fish & Wake Tower and soft top.

Contact the 24-hour hotline at 800-853-1964 or the detectives at 360-310-0259 if you have any information concerning the boat, the operation, or the event.

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