An Emotional Vietnam Vet Discusses Visiting Washington, DC’s Monuments

After spending the day at the nation’s capital as part of Saturday’s (April 23) Mission 18 Honor Flight, a Vietnam War veteran spoke movingly about his experience. Veterans expressed their feelings of gratitude and pride after seeing the memorials built in their honor. Bill Patterson, a Vietnam War veteran, feels he can put the experience to rest after 56 years.

“I’ve never cried so much in my life,” Patterson remarked. Even though it took decades, Patterson’s loved ones and the community at large have finally given him the warm welcome home he deserves.

Vietnam Vet Discusses Visiting Washington

“I just thought, where was this 56 years ago when I came home,” Patterson remarked. Patterson says the Honor Flight on Saturday gave him the sense of gratitude he had been seeking.

In 1967, Patterson, a native of Oswego, returned to the United States after serving for 11 months in Vietnam. He was able to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall for the first time and pay his respects to a lost buddy.

The latest news on events at Washington State is as follows:

“I carried his body out of the jungle and I found his name on the wall. Me and my daughter and it was like kind of closure for,” said Patterson.

Patterson claims he would never have found the peace of mind he’s been seeking for the last 56 years had he not been a passenger on Saturday’s Mission 18 Honor Flight.

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