Madison Police Randomly Detain a Gas Station Customer While Inspecting Another Automobile

A Saturday ( April 23)Β afternoon traffic check resulted in the @rrest of a wanted guy who was parked at the same petrol station.

The Madison Police Department noted in a report that at approximately 5 p.m., police saw a car at the gas station on Milwaukee Street and South Fair Oaks Avenue and suspected the driver was the same individual who had previously threatened to shoot someone in another vehicle.

Madison Police Randomly Detain a Gas Station Customer

The report goes on to say that while this was going on, officers located a guy in the parking lot who had an active warrant for his arrest. MPD said the guy initially refused to get out of his car but was finally @rrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct, res!sting @rrest, and possession of coca!ne.

The latest buzz on events at Oregon State is as follows:

The initial investigation was concluded, and no one was taken into custody, the report indicates. Finally, an officer helped a customer who had locked their keys in their automobile at the gas station.

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