La Mota Owners Filed $4 Million IRS Tax Liens Against a Staffing Company

According to a report last month on the deteriorating situation at La Mota, the state’s second-largest cannabis shop chain, and its owners and creators, Rosa Cazares and Aaron Mitchell, and their political ambitions.

In addition to 30 lawsuits in Oregon circuit courts, many of which allege nonpayment of bills, the state and federal governments issued millions in tax liens against the couple and the companies they control as a result of their rapid expansion across the state and donations to top Democratic Party politicians like Governor Tina Kotek and Secretary of State Shemia Fagan.

La Mota Owners Filed $4 Million IRS Tax Liens Against a Staffing Company

The IRS has filed tax liens totaling $4 million against a corporation owned by Cazares and Mitchell, as reported by WW this week. 503 Staffing LLC is the official firm name. According to the LLC’s registration with the state, Mitchell is listed as a member and Cazares as the manager. Its foundation was laid in 2017.

Despite funding and hosting fundraisers for top Democratic candidates, Cazares and Mitchell and the companies they control have racked up at least $7 million in federal and state tax liens since 2019 for unpaid taxes dating back to 2016, including liens for more than $592,000 in state marijuana taxes.

The freshest information on events at Oregon State is as follows:

According to available data, the federal government filed tax liens against 503 Staffing LLC for more than $4 million in February, March, August, and November of 2022. Unemployment insurance contributions to the federal government amount to $61,428.

The remaining $3.9 million represents federal income taxes, Medicare and Social Security payments, and other mandatory employee deductions. The tax years covered by the liens return to the spring of 2018. Cazares and Mitchell’s attorney did not return a call seeking comment.

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