PPB Arrested 11 Persons and Recovered 14 Cars in Its Stolen Vehicle Operation

Officers from the Portland Police Bureau launched a Stolen Vehicle Operation on Saturday, April 15, in response to an increase in the number of automobile thefts reported around Portland. The operation focused on numerous sites in the East Precinct, with many cars that have been reported stolen.

PPB said that due to the operation, 33 cars were stopped, and 14 stolen vehicles were found. Officers report that a total of 11 people were @rrested and that they were also able to retrieve two g*ns.

PPB Arrested 11 Persons and Recovered 14 Cars

If you’re interested in learning more, look into local news reports of theft. The next step is to click the link below:

In addition, police who participated in the operation distributed wheel locking devices to individuals whose vehicles had been stolen and recovered. According to the PPB, these activities will continue to be managed by the East Precinct, which will use a “data-driven and evidence-based approach to conduct less stops with better outcomes.”

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