Petition for Voting Rights Amendment is Filed by the Entire State of Oregon

“All Oregon Votes” has submitted a petition to the secretary of state today. The Voting Rights Amendment on the Oregon ballot is a democratic initiative to open up the state’s primary.

In Portland, Michael Calcagno is among the Chief Petitioners. According to Calcagno, the amendment will ensure that no Oregon resident is denied the right to vote.

“Oregon is still stuck in the past with this antiquated closed-party primary,” Calcagno adds. “With this petition, voters can influence elections more than politicians do and more than the party insiders do. And then those elections should be inclusive of every registered voter.”

Petition for Voting Rights Amendment

The latest updates on everything happening at Oregon State:

The petitioners need 160,000 valid signatures to be on the ballot. The initiative, if presented, will be processed by the Elections Division and added to the November 2024 ballot.

“This campaign is such a moment of hope. And I think that might be trite to say, but I have hope for the future. I have two young daughters, and I want them to grow up in a state where we have a fair democracy,” says Calcagno.Β  There have been 1,500 signatures submitted to the committee thus far.

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