Oregon’s Minimum Wage Will increase on July 1

Workers in Oregon who make the minimum wage will get a raise on July 1.

In 2016, Oregon officials set up a minimum wage with three levels. This means that the minimum wage in most of Oregon will go up to $13.50 an hour, but in the Portland area, it will go up to $14.75 an hour. Both of those are raises of 75 cents an hour. In the meantime, the minimum wage in rural parts of the state will go up by 50 cents to $12.50 an hour.

Oregon's Minimum Wage Will increase on July 1

According to the Oregon Employment Department, about 5% of hourly workers in Oregon make the minimum wage.

This map shows the new minimum wage on July 1, 2022, in different parts of Oregon.

This is the seventh and last raise that the 2016 law called for. Next year, minimum wage gains will again be tied to inflation, but the rates will still differ in cities and the country.

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β€œIt’s not going to be a fixed (increase) as it has been for the last several years,” said Bob Uhlenkott, a researcher with the Oregon Employment Department. β€œNow it will float, based on the Consumer Price Index.”

Oregon’s minimum wage is still one of the highest in the country.

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