Oregon State Government Reverses Pandemic-Era Reimbursement Standards for Remote Work

The Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) said today that it plans to eliminate the remote work reimbursement rules implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new policy, which Governor Tina Kotek ordered, will end the practice of paying employees who work from home or from out of state to travel to their offices in Oregon. This was done during the pandemic.

Oregon State Government Reverses Pandemic-Era Reimbursement Standards for Remote Work

Under the new policy, which goes back to how Oregon handled remote work before the pandemic, state employees will still be able to work from home if their agencies allow them to do so.

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But employees who work from home will no longer get paid for their commute to work. This policy will go into effect on September 1, 2023. This will give DAS enough time to prepare for and inform employees about changes to the reimbursement policy for remote work.

β€œWe must ensure that state resources are used effectively to serve Oregonians and that our policies reflect the evolving needs of our workforce and the public,” Chief Operating Officer and interim Director of the Department of Administrative Services Berri Leslie said.

β€œEmployees will continue to be allowed to work remotely as approved by their state agencies. We look forward to implementing this change and continuing to refine our policies to meet the needs of our state employees.”

Source- Oregon.gov.

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