Oregon Bill Aims to Provide Support for Talented and Gifted Students

Oregon lawmakers are thinking about a bill that would give more money to schools in Oregon that have programs for talented and gifted students.

Students in Oregon are called “talented and gifted” if they are good at math or reading at a high level. And every school district has to devise a plan to help them.

But there is no state money set aside for these services right now. The Oregon Association for Talented and Gifted says that in 2020, half of the districts did not spend any money on gifted students.

Oregon Bill Aims to Provide Support for Talented and Gifted Students

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Stephanie Lovdokken, in charge of the TAG program in the Springfield School District, said that teachers couldn’t buy the materials that keep gifted students challenged and interested right now.

β€œAnything we do with these students that they really need has to come from our own paycheck,” she said.

According to OPB Department, Senate Bill 595 would give 1% of Oregon’s school grant money to TAG services. One-quarter of that money would go to rural districts only. Lovdokken said in Springfield that the money would be used to help train teachers.

The Senate Education Committee plans to vote on the bill this Thursday, 30 March 2023.

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