Biden is Confused Again as He Botches Oregon Story in Front of Donors

President Joseph Biden once again demonstrated his uncertainty and haziness on Tuesday night, 14 March 2023, when he addressed a group of wealthy Democratic fundraisers by delivering a fake story about Oregon.

When flying to Las Vegas in Air Force One, Biden, now 80 years old, recalls seeing a news story about a part of Oregon seceding to Idaho.

Biden is Confused Again as He Botches Oregon Story in Front of Donors

Yet he got the wrong part of the state involved.

“Air Force One took me here. I’m watching, and I see that you’re allowing Western Oregon to chose to secede and join Idaho. What in the world is happening? Idaho is a stunning stateβ€”I don’t just say that. They moved quite quickly.”

The audience chuckled as he stated: The state legislature has officially authorized such action.

The news story aired on CNN as Biden traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the final destination of his three-day tour of the West Coast.

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The President spoke to around 65 people at an event where over $1 million was raised for the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund and the Democratic National Committee.

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Reporters were allowed into the event but were asked not to record any of it. As a child, Biden had trouble finding the right words. It was common for him to address his vice president, Kamala Harris, as the President.

Jackie Walorski, a member of Congress, was killed in a car crash last month, and he had publicly shamed her in September. A small but vocal group of Democrats has privately expressed concern over Biden’s health. If he ran for President again and were elected, he’d be 82. His doctor gave him a clean bill of health for the presidency at his annual exam last month.

Biden mentioned on Tuesday a nonbinding resolution approved by the Idaho House of Representatives that formally requested discussions between the legislatures of Idaho and Oregon over the potential relocation of certain rural Oregon counties to Idaho.


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