Why Oregon officials Going To Ban TikTok on government Devices

Β The House Technology Committee in Oregon is considering banning TikTok for state-owned computers and mobile devices. If the ban were to pass, the state would join more than two dozen others.

Concerns that TikTok’s parent business is sharing user information with the Chinese government have prompted discussions of banning the app from government devices.

State Representative Ben Bowman, a Democrat, introduced House Bill 3127. Most states currently under Republican control have implemented bans on using TikTok on government-owned devices. In Oregon, five of the ten sponsors are Republicans.

Why Oregon officials Are Going To Ban TikTok on government Devices

TikTok’s parent firm, ByteDance, inappropriately obtained the IP addresses and user data of many U.S. journalists covering the company. This has led the Attorney General of the United States, Ellen Rosenblum, and the Department of Justice to support the bill.

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According to youtube sources, The DOJ also reported that TikTok settled a $92 million class action lawsuit last year related to charges that it gathered data from its users without consent.

Since then, the White House has joined the chorus of voices calling for a ban on TikTok for government workers, requiring that the app be removed from all government-issued mobile devices.

Why Oregon officials Are Going To Ban TikTok on government Devices

The Oregon House Committee will meet on Tuesday to discuss the ban. If the restriction is implemented, TikTok will still be accessible on personal devices. Personal mobile devices would still be able to access the software.

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