Joe Benting Motorcycle Accident: What Happened to the 23-year-old MMA Graduate?


Joe Benting, a 23-year-old MMA graduate, was apparently discovered dead. He vanished on Sunday, October 22, 2023, after leaving a bar in Easton on his white street bike. He had passed away from his wounds from a motorcycle accident. Laura Sheehan Benting, his mother, shared the sad news on Facebook.

Joe Benting Motorcycle Accident: What Happened on the Night of the Accident?

On Sunday, October 22, 2023, at around 10 p.m., Joe Benting, according to the police, left an Easton bar and was on his way home to Cedarville, where he shared a residence with his mother, Laura Sheehan Benting.

He had on joggers, a plaid sweater, an American flag face cover, and a white helmet adorned with gold skulls. He was carrying his gray backpack as well.

According to the police, the crash seems to have happened on Sunday night, but no one reported it until Tuesday afternoon when a bystander saw the body and the bike. Joe may not have been operating a vehicle while intoxicated when the collision occurred.

How Did Joe Benting Go Missing?

Joe Benting was last seen on Sunday night around 10:30 pm leaving a bar in Easton on his white street bike heading home to Cedarville. He was wearing joggers, a plaid hoodie, a white helmet with gold skulls and an American flag face cover. He also had his grey backpack with him.

His mother posted a plea on Facebook on Monday, October 23, seeking information on her son’s whereabouts. She wrote:

β€œI need help, my son Joe Benting (23yo) is missing! Last seen Sunday night 10/22 @10:30pm leaving a bar in Easton on his white street bike heading home to Cedarville. I think joggers. He was wearing a plaid hoodie. The helmet white with gold skulls on it and the American flag face cover. He had his gray backpack. If you have seen him please message me!”

The post was shared by hundreds of people who offered prayers and support for the family. Some also suggested possible locations where Joe Benting might have been seen or where his bike might have been found.

How Was Joe Benting’s Body Found?

However, the search for Joe Benting ended in a heartbreaking way when his mother posted another update on Facebook on Tuesday, October 24. She wrote: β€œJoe has been found but hardly able to type this to report Joe crashed his motorcycle and did not survive. This will be my last post for a while and I appreciate all the help searching for him and prayers. We need time as a family to process this!”

According to reports, the crash appeared to have occurred while Joe Benting was riding home to Cedarville after leaving the bar in Easton. It is unknown if he was riding while impaired at the time of the incident. The details of the crash site and the cause of the accident are not yet revealed.

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How Did the Community React to Joe Benting’s Death?

The news of Joe Benting’s death shocked and saddened the community, especially since he was the second son of the Benting family to die tragically. His older brother, Matt Benting, passed away in 2019 due to an overdose.

Many people expressed their condolences and tributes to Joe Benting and his family on social media. Some remembered him as a kind, funny and adventurous person who loved motorcycles and travelling. Others praised him for his achievements as an MMA graduate who had a degree in Bachelor of Science in International Maritime Business.

A family friend wrote on Facebook: β€œLife is too short, hug the people you love… a good friend of mine has to do the unthinkable…bury her second son. Please send them prayers and hold a thought for Laura Sheehan Benting and her family… Peace, love and light.”

Another friend asked people to pray for the Benting family as they endured another profound loss. He wrote: β€œPlease pray for our Pembroke family, The Bentings, as they endure another profound loss. Rest in Peace, Joe Benting, you and Matt need to keep extra watch over your family.” Many others also shared their memories and photos of Joe Benting, hoping that he would rest in peace.


Joe Benting motorcycle accident is a tragic event that has left his family and friends devastated. He was a young man who had a bright future ahead of him but terribly lost his life. His death also reminds us of the dangers of riding motorcycles and the importance of safety precautions. We hope that his family will find strength and comfort in this difficult time and that justice will be served for his case.

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