Tim Coryell Obituary: A Tribute to a Community Hero!


The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is sad to say that Deputy Tim Coryell, who was an important part of their team, has died. During this hard time, please pray for Deputy Coryell’s family and the detectives at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Coryell worked hard for his community for a long time, and his loss will be felt deeply.

Tim Coryell: The Unsung Hero of Morgan County

Tim Coryell The Unsung Hero of Morgan County
Tim Coryell The Unsung Hero of Morgan County

Tim Coryell worked hard at the Indiana Morgan County Sheriff’s Office as a warrant officer. He started working for the Sheriff’s Office as a backup officer. In 2018, he was promoted to warrant officer.

Tim was always willing to help people in his community. He was ready all the time, 24/7. Tim Coryell was the person to call if you needed help finding someone, an extra officer for a certain job, or information about a person in the county.

He did more than what was expected of him as a police officer. He was a strong and honest leader in the community. Deputy Coryell was always there to help, no matter what time it was, day or night.

During his long career, he helped many people and left them with a sense of safety and confidence that will be remembered by everyone who knew him.

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Tim Coryell Cause of Death

At this time, we don’t know what exactly caused Tim Coryell to die. But his family has revealed this sad and terrible news. As soon as we find out more about what caused his death, we’ll let you know. Haggard Drone Services shared the news of his death on their official Facebook page.

The Morgan County Substance Abuse Council put up a Facebook post with a picture and a message from the heart.

Like so many others in the community today we are mourning the loss of our friend Tim Coryell. He was a voice for addiction, recovery and second chances. He never said no to any request we had of his time. This picture was taken last Friday at our conference. Despite his battle we discussed upcoming ways he planned to continue to help. Tim our dear friend, you are loved and you will be missed.

Tim Coryell Obituary and Funeral

Tim Coryell’s family will let the public know about his death notice and funeral plans at a later time. At the moment, the family is taking some time to heal and come to terms with what happened.

They will let everyone know when they are ready to move forward with the funeral plans. Before telling other people about the plans, it’s important for them to have this time to cry and get stronger.

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