PlayStation Portal Release Date Announced: November 15th, 2023

The release date of Sony’s rumored portable, the PlayStation Portal, has been the subject of speculation for months. Sony has finally revealed the release date, November 15th, for the PlayStation Portal. The handheld, which can play PlayStation 5 titles through Wi-Fi streaming, will cost $199.99.

Sony is probably only allowing one PlayStation Portal per customer at this time because of the possibility that it will sell out as rapidly as the PlayStation 5 did when it was initially announced.

Even though we haven’t had a chance to try out the Portal ourselves, those who are eager to do so may rest assured that preorders for the product have been made available by Sony in the United States and possibly other territories. What follows is essential information.

PlayStation Portal


The PlayStation Portal is an 8-inch LCD screen placed between the controller’s joysticks, making it basically a DualSense controller. It supports a resolution of 1080p at 60fps, has haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers. In addition, the 3.5mm headset jack will come in handy for online play.

It’s important to remember that this is a streaming device, therefore it works best with a fast (and stable) internet connection. Sony describes this as a “device for gamers in households where they might need to share their living room TV or simply want to play games in another room of the house.”

The PlayStation Portal will make use of a brand new wireless technology called PlayStation Link, but it was already possible to broadcast PS5 games via Remote Play. PlayStation claims that the new technology has low latency and lossless audio, which should make gaming on the go a breeze for PS5 owners.

However, because of the new PlayStation Link feature, Bluetooth headphones will not work with the Portal. The new PlayStation Elite headset or the Pulse Explore earphones are your only options if you want to listen privately while gaming on the portable. The new peripherals will have Bluetooth capabilities, allowing them to be used with more than just the PlayStation Portal.

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