Soulframe Release Date: Soulframe Release Platforms Unconfirmed, But PC Likely


Since its announcement in 2022, we have been anticipating the release of the fantasy MMORPG from the developers of Warframe. It’s a stunning open-world game set in a natural environment, with themes of climate change and environmental degradation, but beyond that, not much is known about the project.

At Tennocon 2023, we got a taste of Soulframe’s environment, which is visually and experientially distinct from Warframe. This is everything we know about the MMORPG for now, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Conjecture About the Soulframe’s Release Date

After the Warframe expansion this year is completed, the Soulframe launch is planned for the latter half of 2024.

In August of 2022, the project’s leader Steve Sinclair expressed optimism that the group “can do some closed alpha stuff next year” through Twitter. Despite the lack of information, this may suggest that a select group of users will be able to purchase the game in the coming months.

An interview also indicated that there will be regular development broadcasts to keep players interested. Creative Director Geoff Crookes said, “While we don’t have a launch date or window to share at this time, we do plan to keep players engaged by periodically hosting development streams that will offer information and insight into our teams’ progress.”

Watch some in-game footage of Soulframe down below:

Gameplay of the Soulframe

Gameplay of the Soulframe

Compared to Warframe, Soulframe seems to take a very different approach. Soulframe’s approach is far more deliberate than the fast-paced action players are used to. Soulframe appears to have fewer, more challenging adversaries as opposed to large hordes of weak ones.

Soulframe’s above gameplay demonstrates that the game’s melee combat is significantly deeper than one might expect from a hack ‘n’ slash title. You’ll need to take things slowly while you block attacks and look for opportunities to counterattack. However, aptitudes will still be crucial. The character, for instance, appears to bleed their opponent dry before sending forth birds to assault and stun them.

“[Soulframe] will share Warframe’s focus on cooperative players-vs.-environment combat and procedurally generated environments,” said Soulframe Creative Director Steve Sinclair in an interview with The Washington Post. In contrast to Warframe, which focuses on shooting, this one emphasizes close combat. In contrast to the lightning-fast and incredibly high-speed Warframe, this one will be ponderously slow.

In addition to what Sinclair has said, creative director Geoff Crookes has added his two cents.

Underneath the surface of the Earth, in the cave systems, crevices, and so on, proceduralism will exist. When compared to Warframe, “[Soulframe will have] a focus on exploration,”

Even though we don’t know much about the actual gameplay of Soulframe just yet, it sounds like an exciting new direction for the next Digital Extreme game.

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Soulframe Release Platforms Unconfirmed, But PC Likely

Soulframe’s release platforms are presently unknown. Warframe’s past release patterns suggest that a PC version will eventually be made available. Release dates for console versions are more elusive, however a PS5 and Xbox Series X|S release seem likely.

Due to the lack of a confirmed release date and platform, it is also unclear if Soulframe will support cross-play. Warframe has been without any type of crossplay functionality for quite some time. The game’s release on PS5 changed this, enabling cross-gen play across PS4 and PS3 systems for the first time. Full crossplay across all systems was also announced at TennoCon 2022, albeit it is still in the works.

And that concludes our current understanding of Soulframe. Since production is only beginning, additional gameplay demonstrations may take some time, but rest assured that you will be informed when new information becomes available. If you simply cannot wait, I suggest you peruse our top Warframe builds, play DE’s other amazing MMO, or dive into one of the best PC games currently available.

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