Why Solar Panels are a Smart Investment in Oregon?

Solar panels may only produce a small amount of electricity in Oregon, but that number is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. Should that growth include your roof?

The Solar Energy Industries Association says that Oregon already has enough solar power installed to power more than 170,000 homes. The US Energy Information Administration says less than 4% of the state’s electricity comes from solar power.

The SEIA thinks that the state’s solar power capacity will be almost triple in the next five years.

Why Solar Panels are a Smart Investment in Oregon

The people’s electricity bills in Beaver State are some of the lowest in the country. According to data from the US Energy Information Administration, the average residential energy rate in Oregon is lower than in the rest of the country.

In 2022, Oregon’s average residential energy rate was 24% less than in the rest of the country. Oregon is one of the top 10 states with the lowest moderate electricity bills. According to SaveOnEnergy, the average electricity bill in Oregon was $1283 for the whole year or $106 per month.

In the past few years, many Americans’ electricity bills have increased significantly. Since 2020, prices have gone up 15% on average nationwide. But Oregon’s energy rates tell a different story. In the last two years, they have only increased by 2%.

Even though Oregon’s electricity rates haven’t increased as much as in many other states, the cost of solar panels has decreased over the last ten years.

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SEIA says that solar prices in Oregon have dropped by 52% in the last ten years, which has led to a rise in the number of homes with solar panels. There are tax credits and other incentives that make solar even cheaper.

If you live in Oregon and are considering solar panels to save money on your energy bills, you should consider whether the money you spend on a solar panel system will be worth it in the long run. This is what you need to know.

Oregon Solar Panel Costs

The cost of solar panels will depend on the size of the system (including the number of panel modules), any extra parts like solar batteries, and the installation cost.

Why Solar Panels are a Smart Investment in Oregon

Based on information from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the average solar system in Oregon is more extensive. It costs more per watt than the average system in the rest of the country.

Source- cnet.com

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