Portland’s Quirky Charm Makes It the Coolest City in North America

Portland is the coolest city in North America, at least by one new metric.

Betway InsiderΒ looked atΒ β€œa range of factors, from the number ofΒ microbreweriesΒ to the rate of record stores” to discover β€œthe β€˜coolest’ cities.”

Because of its “whopping 110 record stores, 188 microbreweries, 35% [more] than second-placed Seattle (139), and 301 tattoo studios, Portland was given the top spot, trailing only New York City (388).”

Currently, there are several concerns with this rating. Although it claims to rank North American cities, it seems to have only considered those in the United States and Canada.

Some locations, like San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, ranked as one of the best 25 cities in the world by Travel & Leisure, could disagree. In the T+L top 10, Mexico City and Oaxaca were also ranked.

On the Betway Insider list of hippest cities, the Pacific Northwest had a strong presence.

Fourth on the list was Seattle. The No. 15 most incredible city on the list is Vancouver, Portland’s neighbor to the north. Vancouver, British Columbia, was ranked tenth.

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