Louisville Police Officer Shot in Head to Be Released from Hospital

According to Louisville police, a rookie police officer who was wounded in the head while reacting to a bank shooting in April is about to be discharged from the hospital where he was receiving medical attention.

Just 11 days prior to the shooting at the Old National Bank in the Kentucky city that left five people dead and other people injured, Nickolas Wilt, 26, had graduated from a police academy. Wilt, one of the first officers on the site, reportedly went fearlessly toward the shooting; police subsequently shot and killed the shooter.

After three months of medical and rehabilitation care, Wilt is being released from the Frazier Rehabilitation Institute in Louisville. After being shot, he underwent brain surgery and was on a ventilator for about a month, according to authorities.

β€œThis is the day we have all been praying for,” aΒ statementΒ from the Louisville Metro Police Department reads. β€œThe Wilt family has felt so much love and support from so many people and would like to extend an invite to all LMPD, all first responders, as well as the entire community to attend a celebration of Ofc. Wilt returning home!”

The event will take place at the Southeast Christian Church in Middletown, which is east of Louisville, at 12:30 on Friday.

CNN confirms the news on its official Twitter account:

Gunshot Caused Lung Problems for the Officer

About 30 minutes before the bank was scheduled to open to the public on April 10, a gunshot at Old National Bank occurred, according to authorities.

Connor Sturgeon, a 25-year-old bank employee, was still firing inside the bank when police arrived three minutes after being called, according to authorities.

The five victims, all between the ages of 40 and 64, were James Tutt, Deana Farmer, Tommy Elliott, Joshua Barrick, and Deana Eckert. Another cop who was struck in the elbow and sent to the hospital was one of the injured, according to the police.

While still battling pneumonia and “other lung complications,” Wilt was off of all life-supporting devices by May, according to Louisville police in a post on Facebook that month. According to the May post, Wilt had demonstrated neurological improvement and could now obey some orders.

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