In Timothy Reynolds’ Death, Baltimore Squeegee Child Convicted Guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter

The adolescent squeegee child who is accused of killing Timothy Reynolds was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter by a Baltimore jury. Following an altercation at the junction of Light and Conway streets last summer, 16-year-old Tavon Scott was charged with shooting and killing the 48-year-old man. Scott’s 15th birthday was the day before the tragedy.

As both families had previously agreed that there would not be any clear winners in this case, tension and tears filled the courtroom. Scott’s counsel said that he ought to have been found not guilty on all counts, while the Reynolds family stated that they hoped the jury would find him guilty of murder rather than manslaughter. They now assert that they are far from having won the battle for that.

“There’s disappointment because they were hoping for an acquittal across the board,” said Derede McAlpin, a spokesperson for the Scott family. “We believe the facts supported first-degree or second-degree murder,” said Thiru Vignarajah, an attorney representing the Reynolds family.

After hours of discussion over the course of three days, the decision is finally made. The jury wrote the judge on Thursday afternoon to ask for the meaning of “justified.” After ten minutes, they had reached a consensus. Scott was ruled not accountable for both first- and second-degree murder as well as open or covert possession of a weapon. He was also found guilty of possession of a handgun before the age of 21 and using a firearm in the conduct of a violent crime or felony in addition to voluntary manslaughter. He might now spend a total of 35 years in an adult jail.

Through her emotions, one juror glanced at Scott as she exited the courtroom and said, “I’m sorry.” “The jury found that, yes, he was somewhat justified,” said Scott’s attorney Warren Brown.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Brown stated that there is still work to be done on this case. “He’s been convicted of manslaughter, which makes him eligible to be transferred to juvenile court, which is what we’re going to be pursuing,” he said.

Brown hopes to fight the ruling that moved this case to adult court in addition to wanting the punishment to take place in the juvenile system. If that appeal is upheld, a full retrial in juvenile court will be conducted.

Which means he could be able to have this struck from his record, explained Brown. “This is not a person that was an appropriate fit for the juvenile system,” claims Vignarajah.

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While the outcome is not precisely what the Reynolds family had hoped for, Vignarajah claims that it has at least partially provided them with closure. Vignarajah declared, “The person who was responsible for his murder has been found guilty of killing him.”

Their road to recovery starts now that they feel Reynolds’ killer has been brought to justice. They will always be burdened by the loss of their loved one, a proud native of Baltimore, a father, a son, and a brother.

“The family knew from the very beginning that nothing that happens in a courtroom was ever going to bring Tim Reynolds back,” said Vignarajah, “His loss is a profound tragedy.”

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