Bundy’s Misdeeds Finally Met with Justice: $52 Million Jury Award

Ammon Bundy, Diego Rodriguez, and related companies will be held liable in accordance with the verdict of an Idaho jury. In the defamation case brought by St. Luke’s Health System, the Ada County jury rendered a verdict on Monday evening awarding over $52 million in combined compensatory and punitive damages.

This choice is morally right. In response to doctors’ attempts to save a starving youngster, Bundy and Rodriguez made the disgusting accusation that St. Luke’s was involved in child trafficking. They brought armed demonstrators to the hospital, forcing a lockdown and increasing the potential of harm to the patients.

St. Luke’s has suffered significant harm, for which recompense is needed. But more crucially, this decision might put an end to Bundy’s pattern of violent activities and put a stop to what federal law enforcement has been unable to do: his persistent use of force to achieve his ends.

Here is a relatable tweet posted by Dr. Natalia:

When his father refused to pay the grazing fees he owed, he started fighting back against the authorities. He resorted to violence because he was angry about the penalties handed down to two ranchers from Oregon who started fires on federal lands.

He shut down public gatherings during the pandemic and led a crowd that broke down a door at the state Capitol. All of these actions challenged the rule of law and inspired others to do the same. As he manages his probably likely bankruptcy, Bundy will find it much more difficult to plan such measures.

Enforcing these sanctions against Bundy, Rodriguez, and their friends may be the most challenging step. Particularly Bundy has already managed to evade an arrest warrant for months by camping out with supporters at his home near Emmett.

But unlike in the past, Bundy won’t be able to use threats to get out of it. The rule of law states that everyone must answer for their conduct, regardless of identity.

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