Marines Found De@d in Car at North Carolina Petrol Station

The U.S. Marine Corps identified three de@d men found at a North Carolina gas station over the weekend as Camp Lejeune lance corporals on Tuesday.

The Pender County Sheriff’s Office said deputies found the three men unresponsive Sunday morning in a privately owned automobile at a Speedway gas station in Hampstead, 29 miles (47 kilometers) southwest of the base. All three died the same day, and their causes of de@th are unknown.

The Pender County Sheriff’s Office received a missing person complaint for one of the three Marines, but Sgt. Chester Ward declined to provide information. He said the car had no drugs.

The sheriff’s office is awaiting autopsy results because the cause of de@th “might be something that we don’t see,” Ward told The Associated Press.

The New York Times confirms the news on its official Twitter account:

Tanner J. Kaltenberg, 19, of Madison, Wisconsin; Merax C. Dockery, 23, of Pottawatomie, Oklahoma; and Ivan R. Garcia, 23, of Naples, Florida, were identified by the Marine Corps. First Lt. Raymond Fullbright, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, said the guys were motor vehicle operators with the Combat Logistics Battalion 2, Combat Logistics Regiment 2, and 2nd Marine Logistics Group at Camp Lejeune.

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Brig. Gen. Michael McWilliams, commanding general of the 2nd Marine Logistics Group, sent his sympathies to the families, friends, and coworkers of Lance Cpls. Kaltenberg, Dockery, and Garcia. “Our priority is helping those affected by their awful loss through this tough time,” Ward said Wednesday may reveal their cause of de@th.

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