De@th Penalty Decision Looms for Convicted Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter


A jury determined that Robert Bowers, the guy who shot up a Pittsburgh synagogue, is deserving of the death punishment for the deadliest anti-Semitic assault in American history.

On Thursday morning, the jury resumed its deliberations and quickly delivered its verdict. Jurors were asked to determine whether the shooter was deserving of the death punishment during this phase of the trial. Over two days, the jury deliberated for around two hours.

He is more than 18 years old, he had intent, and there were one or more aggravating elements, all of which the jury decided in favor of.

The only question discussed during this stage of the trial was whether the shooter was capable of developing an intent to kill. The defense’s claim that the shooter was mentally ill and motivated by delusions and therefore couldn’t have had a true intent to kill was rejected by the jury.

In his summary, defense lawyer Michael Burt went over in great detail the testimony of witnesses who, according to him, gave “concrete evidence of brain damage” in the shooter and identified schizophrenia and epilepsy in him. According to Burt, the shooter’s mental illness caused him to adopt a delusional antisemitic belief system, which compelled him to plan and murder people relentlessly.

Burt said that the man’s delusional belief system “took over his thinking and made him incapable of doing anything outside the aims of that delusional belief system.”

However, in determining that Bowers was qualified, the jury seemed to heed the advice of prosecutor Soo Song, who urged them to “use your common sense.” Song alleged that Bowers was “calm, focused, and goal-oriented” while he brutally and systematically murdered 11 helpless victims. She claimed that Bowers still takes pride in carrying out the greatest anti-Semitic assault in American history.

“Members of the jury, he fired his rifle more than 70 times. Each and every time he pulled the trigger on his rifle, he was proving his intention to kill,” she said.

As the jury announced its verdict, the shooter remained motionless.

The jury will reconvene on Monday morning to start the last sentencing phase’s testimony round. It will take around two and a half weeks, according to the prosecution and the government, before the jury is asked to decide whether the shooter will receive the harshest penalty.

The tweet below confirms the news:

The Jewish Community Responds

Since 11 individuals were taken from us, it has been over five years, according to Maggie Feinstein, the director of the 10.27 Healing Partnership. They were cherished and treasured members of the family, friends, and neighborhood. Since they are unable to speak for themselves, their family members will do so. Our legal system will do what is required of it and listen to their voices throughout the subsequent part of the trial. We stand with them and are in their favor.

Jeff Finkelstein, the CEO of the Jewish Federation, declared that Thursday’s decision represents justice for everybody, despite the fact that the congregation and the families themselves disagree on whether or not the death penalty should be applied.

“This was not a mental illness-related act; it was an act of antisemitism. This was anti-Semitism, according to Finkelstein.

“I would like to thank the jury for their amazing job. I also hope that the victims’ relatives will feel relieved and satisfied after the next round of the trial, which will give them a chance to speak.

One of the three congregations that attended the synagogue, New Light Congregation, released a statement following the jury’s verdict, claiming that it draws a distinction between speech and action.

The Statement reads:

“Today, a jury of his peers found that the death penalty may be an appropriate punishment for the worst anti-semitic act in the history of the United States – the murder of eleven innocent Jewish worshippers on October 27, 2018.

“The defense argued that the shooter suffered from delusions because he believed – and still believes according to the testimony presented at the trial – that all Jews must die. The Government countered that these beliefs are not evidence of a delusion as they are held by many people. The attack was premeditated and the shooter formed the intent to kill. The Government argued that no one is free to act on those beliefs; they may not commit murder or other overt acts against innocent individuals. 

“For over a thousand years hatred of Jews has been a central theme of many religions and governments. Since World War II, the Federal Government, the Courts, State legislatures and governing authorities of many religious groups have acted to counter these beliefs and to ensure that all laws and customs apply equally, regardless of one’s religion. Significant progress has been made in the past eighty years, but there is still work to be done. This trial is an important step in drawing a line between speech and action. 

“We commend the jury on their difficult work and trust in their judgment as we enter the final sentencing phase of the trial.”

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Recapping the Criminal Case’s Punishment Phase

Forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz has testified that Bowers was not schizophrenic and was not motivated by mental illness when he killed 11 innocent people in October 2018. This testimony took place during the eligibility portion of the penalty phase.

According to Dr. Deitz, who started his testimony last week, the suspect killed those 11 persons voluntarily and knowingly.

The prosecution has contested the gunman’s diagnoses of epilepsy and schizophrenia, therefore medical experts have been summoned to the witness in earlier testimony during the penalty phase.

Other testimony concerning the suspected gunman’s mental state has included psychiatrist reports, exam notes, and IQ testing.

The shooter was convicted of all 63 federal crimes related to the attack last month.

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