Teens Arrested After Crashing Stolen Car into MAX Station

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office claims that four teens stole a car and drove it quickly into a MAX station early on Thursday morning (6 July). At 3:00 a.m. on July 6, a WCSO deputy observed a silver 2022 Ford Bronco traveling southbound on SW 158th Avenue at SW Walker Road at a rate of speed “well above the posted speed limit.”

The deputy attempted to catch up to the vehicle, which was doing over 90 mph in a 40 mph zone. After losing sight of the vehicle, the deputy did not pursue it and drove on without turning on his emergency lights or siren.

The WCSO reports that the deputy located the vehicle shortly thereafter, it had crashed into a PGE pole and turned over at the Merlo MAX station. Apparently, the deputy observed a 16-year-old exiting the vehicle. Later, it was determined that this individual was the driver.

The adolescent fled the scene on foot after the deputy asked if they were injured. Following a brief pursuit, the deputy successfully apprehended the juvenile. The teen driver was brought to the hospital for injuries sustained in the collision.

Teens Crash Stolen Car Into MAX Station

Do you know that a fire destroyed a building in Northeast Portland, and officials believe fireworks may have been to blame? Shortly after midnight, the abandoned duplex on Northeast Halsey Street in the Lloyd District caught fire, according to Portland Fire & Rescue:

Other deputies arrived at the scene and discovered two additional occupants who were 15 and 16 years old. According to the WCSO, these passengers sustained minor injuries and were evaluated by medical staff before being released to their parents. The WCSO reports that no criminal proceedings are pending against the passengers.

Several individuals have commented on the news of teenagers who drove a stolen car into a MAX station –

Deputies learned that a third, 16-year-old passenger escaped on foot, but were unable to locate this individual. During the subsequent investigation, the WCSO discovered that the vehicle was an unreported Portland theft.

The owner of the vehicle reportedly told deputies that they left their keys on a key rack in their residence and that their wallet and keys were stolen. Multiple attempts were made to use the victim’s credit card, according to the victim.

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