Fireworks Are Prohibited Under the Red Flag Warning

Under the Red Flag Warning, a number of communities in Oregon, including Salem and Tigard, have implemented a ban on the use of fireworks. Other surrounding communities, such as Portland and Vancouver, had previously enacted a ban.

Rick Graves with Portland Fire & Rescue said –

“The whole intent of the ban is so that we preserve life, property, and the environment. I know that we lost at least one greenhouse. Somebody lost their greenhouse as a result of fireworks.”

Graves stated that it is difficult to create unified messaging when rules vary across jurisdictions.

“It is difficult, but we’re obviously hopeful people will just be respectful of the ban and understand why it’s in place.”

Red Flag Warning fireworks ban

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James Fuller currently works for TNT Fireworks. Fuller stated that the various regulations are also confusing for customers.

He said –

“Let’s have continuity in the instructions that we’re giving to consumers and right now we have consumers who bought fireworks, they’re ready to enjoy their Fourth of July and they don’t understand the rules or the laws that are going to keep them legal.”

Fuller acknowledged that he is aware of the fire dangers, but wished that communities had established regulations prior to the holiday weekend.

“That should have happened a couple of days ago. So, we have a lot of non-profits and church groups that are going to be impacted by this because this is the way they raise their money.”

Several users have commented on the fireworks restrictions and Red Flag Warnings that have been posted recently –

Although Tigard is prohibiting the use of personal fireworks, the city will still present a professional fireworks display.

Mayor Heidi Lueb said –

“The decision on whether the professional show moves forward lies with the fire marshal through TVF&R. It’s my understanding they are continuing to monitor the conditions and call volume to ensure they have the proper resources available. In general, professional fireworks displays are more controlled and thus safer from a fire perspective than personal fireworks.”

Graves added that as the evening approaches, he wants to remind people that injury or property loss caused by fireworks can result in criminal charges.

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