Portland Lady Saves Man Who Overdosed After Others Passed Him by

In Portland, overdoses are becoming increasingly common. According to police officials, 137 people have perished from overdoses in 2023 as of Thursday (29 June).

Annette Johnson prevented another individual from becoming a statistic on Monday. On her way to work, Johnson observed a male in an awkward position, hunched over.

Johnson said –

“I just, I couldn’t help myself.”

β€œI watched a bunch of people walk by him, some staring straight at him.”

Johnson stated that she approached him and nudged him, but he did not respond.

Johnson said –

“There was something not right. Like it’s generally the sign of an overdose. Especially from what I know personally.”

Portland Woman Saves Overdosed Man

Do you know that the Portland Police Department has identified the man who was killed in a gunshot in the Hollywood area on June 23? A second victim was also hospitalized as a consequence of the shooting:

Johnson spent eleven years living on the streets of Portland while battling her own opioid addiction. She battled addiction for twenty-four years. Her initial addiction was to meth when she was only 14 years old. While she is currently in recovery, more individuals continue to struggle with addiction.

Portland Police Bureau Captain Jake Jensen stated –

“In 2022 we had 155 people whose lives, whose promise was taken from them by drugs.”

β€œAnd so far this year we’re on track to far surpass that.”

Johnson had a close relationship with one of the 137 individuals who have died so far this year. Her daughter’s boyfriend was Ryan Williams. Williams perished two weeks ago from an overdose. Johnson stated that her daughter has been dependent on fentanyl for a year.

Various social media users have also shared and reacted to the news of rising overdose cases –

Johnson can empathize to the struggle of her daughter. Due to an overdose, she lost the passion of her life, Jessc Parish, four years ago. Heroin was laced with Fentanyl. Johnson said that she hoped someone had been there to help the people close to her who had died of an overdose.

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