Fourth of July Weekend Brings Higher Gas Prices to Oregon

AAA reports that petroleum prices in Oregon are rising as the Fourth of July holiday approaches. According to AAA, the price of gasoline in Oregon increased by 8 cents, making it the state with the fourth-largest increase in the country.

This occurred although gas prices decreased in a number of other states around the United States. Currently, the national average price for regular fuel is $3.56 per gallon. Meanwhile, Oregon’s price per gallon has increased from $4.28 a month ago to $4.64.

Oregon gas prices are on the rise
Oregon gas prices are on the rise

Do you know that three people have reportedly been detained in Oregon for allegedly throwing rocks at passing cars? The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) responded to early Monday morning (June 26) 911 calls from vehicles on Interstate 84 in Fairview, Oregon, who reported being struck by softball-sized boulders:

Portland is even higher, with an average price of $4.71, up from $4.40 in May. The current average in Salem is $4.53, up from $4.11 last month. However, Vancouver, Washington surpasses all Oregon cities. Its average petroleum price is now $4.94, inching closer to $5 per gallon.

Several social media users have responded to and ridiculed Oregon’s rising gas prices –

Washington has the nation’s highest average petroleum price, at $4.99 per gallon, while Alaska saw the greatest change, an increase of 18 cents. This Fourth of July, AAA anticipates a record number of travelers, with the previous benchmark being set in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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