Special Ed Teacher Arrested For Sexually Abusing Student

A substitute teacher in Washington County has been detained on suspicion of sexual abuse. In April 2023, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office investigated the Hillsboro School District’s special education assistant for possible sexual misconduct with a student off campus.

Upon learning that Yessenia Manriquez Casillas, a 22-year-old Beaverton resident, worked for the Hillsboro School District in the Century High School cafeteria, detectives from the Violent Crimes Unit decided to place her under arrest.

Manriquez Casillas allegedly picked up the student at an off-campus party and subjected her to sexual abuse. In June, after a grand jury in Washington County reviewed the evidence, an indictment for Manriquez Casillas’s arrest was issued. The accused was arrested on June 14 after police visited her house. Manriquez Casillas is accused of sexual assault four times, each charging him with the second degree.

The Hillsboro School District and local authorities have been thoroughly investigating the incident. Immediate measures were taken to investigate the allegations and guarantee the student’s safety. The district is committed to protecting its students and working closely with investigators.

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The specifics of the occurrence have been kept secret for legal and privacy reasons. The school system, however, has stressed its commitment to rigorous procedures, including background checks for all employees, to guarantee the safety of its pupils.

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The arrest of Manriquez Casillas emphasizes the importance of schools maintaining vigilance in protecting children and responding swiftly to allegations of misbehaviour. The Hillsboro School District has encouraged anyone with information to come forward to assist the pupils who have been affected by this horrific incident.

Participation from family members and the surrounding community in school safety initiatives is essential. Timely complaints of suspected abuse or inappropriate behaviour reaching the proper authorities are crucial to protecting students and the public’s faith in the educational system.

While the legal process is ongoing, the Hillsboro School District is not wavering in its dedication to the safety of its students. It will take all necessary measures to prevent repeat incidences. The district is committed to ensuring that all students have access to the resources they need to address and avoid misconduct in the classroom.

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