Cold Waves Are Expected In Portland Before Summer

The final week of spring is predicted to bring unexpectedly cold weather to Portland, with April-like temperatures. The record low for the hottest day of the year may be tied or broken on June 19. No one can remember the last time Portland saw such cold weather on this date, and the year was 1964.

Two days following this potentially record-breaking event are the start of the summer solstice, which makes this cold spell all the more intriguing. Remember that this cold weather is not Portland’s coldest June on record. The current record low temperature of 59 degrees was observed on June 3, 2007.

This is not an official report, but it tries to inform 7 days weather report:

At the same time as rain is returning to the region, temperatures are beginning to drop. This means thunderstorms are in the cards for the coast and valley while the Cascades brace themselves for possible snowfall at lower elevations. Fortunately, the mountains shouldn’t be too affected by the snowfall on the summer solstice.

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Snow is not expected at lower elevations than 4,500 feet from Sunday night through Monday morning. It’s important to remember that the current pleasant weather won’t endure forever, as the region may expect steadily increasing temperatures and a drier sky by the end of the week.

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