Chief Of Fire Department Of Portland Is Retiring In July

Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) Chief Sara Boone has announced her retirement, effective in July. With hard work and determination, Boone has progressed from a fireman in 1995 to her current position as chief of Portland Fire in 2019.

Among the many massive challenges she navigated on behalf of PF&R were the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic, civil unrest for social justice, devastating wildfires, and an urgent humanitarian crisis among the unhoused.

Through it all, Chief Boone exemplified the strength of character and resilience as an employee of PF&R. The bureau released a statement applauding her amazing leadership and noting her essential role in dealing with a series of great crises that tested the capabilities of Portland’s fire department. Despite the immense challenges the city and her fellow firefighters faced, Boone’s strategic vision and unwavering dedication to public safety shone like a beacon of light.

Commissioner Rene Gonzalez, who is in charge of the fire department, has appointed Ryan Gillespie as interim fire chief. Until 2025, when the city administration takes over operational responsibility for Portland Fire, the seasoned PF&R employee Gillespie will be in charge. This temporary appointment ensures that the Bureau will continue functioning and that city residents will get high-quality emergency services.

Chief Boone’s retirement announcement closes a chapter in Portland’s firefighting history, but her legacy will endure. Her exceptional service honours the PF&R personnel who risk their lives daily to keep the public safe. The bureau was tested by its challenges during Boone’s term, but it prevailed under her leadership.

Under Chief Boone’s leadership, PF&R has consistently demonstrated its commitment to public safety by meeting the evolving needs of the neighbourhood. The bureau demonstrated remarkable adaptability, successfully meeting challenges across various contexts, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response and advancing vital social justice issues.

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In addition to running the agency, Boone was in charge when deadly wildfires appeared for the first time in history. Her focus on planning, communication with other authorities, and tireless attempts to protect vulnerable communities was crucial to successfully containing these catastrophic fires.

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Chief Boone has also taken on the humanitarian crisis of homelessness in Portland. Realizing the situation’s urgency, she set in motion new programs and established alliances to aid the poor humanely.

As Chief Sara Boone prepares to retire, Portland will lose a remarkable leader. Her tireless efforts and commitment to the community have made an indelible mark on PF&R. Chief Boone’s departure may be the end of an era. Still, with Interim Director Ryan Gillespie at the helm, the Bureau is in good shape to continue its critical work.

The people of Portland will always be protected and served by PF&R. As a new era begins, the Bureau will look to Chief Boone’s doggedness, strategic vision, and unwavering dedication to public safety for guidance. Portland Fire & Rescue’s courageous personnel, inspired by their fearless commanders, will never give up no matter how long the odds are against them.

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