Police Officer Who Shot Black Boy Gets Suspended

A local official in Mississippi announced on Tuesday that a police officer who shot and wounded an unarmed 11-year-old Black kid at the youngster’s house had been suspended without pay.

Marvin Elder, a member of the Indianola Board of Aldermen, said on Tuesday that the board agreed to discontinue paying Sergeant Greg Capers on Monday night immediately. Aderrien Murry’s family lawyer, Carlos Moore, said that Capers, who is Black, has been suspended with pay in the past.

Moore said that the family is still trying to have Capers fired. After saying, “He needs to be terminated, and he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Moore added that he believed the man deserved severe punishment.

Moore claimed that on May 20, when Capers shot Aderrien Murry in the chest, Murry spent five days in the hospital due to complications from a collapsed lung, a lacerated liver, and fractured ribs.

Although the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation investigates the shooting, Capers has not been charged with wrongdoing. Michael Carr, Capers’ attorney, claimed the Board’s 4-1 vote was made in a “closed-door, unnoticed” meeting in which neither Carr nor Capers were present.

Carr said that Sgt. Capers is deeply troubled by this and deserves a fair trial. No evidence suggests Sgt. Capers shot the young man in question on purpose. Everything that took place was a complete and utter fluke.

Carr continued by saying that the evidence from the body camera would vindicate Capers’ actions. Sgt. Capers was wearing a body camera, and for that, I am grateful,” Carr added.

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Roughly 95 miles (153 kilometres) northwest of Jackson, in the rural Mississippi Delta, is the town of Indianola, population approximately 9,300.

When the father of one of Nakala Murry’s other children showed up at her house at around 4 a.m., she reportedly begged her son to phone the police. When two police officers arrived at the house, one had to kick through the door before Murry let them in.

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Moore claimed the woman told police that she had three children inside the house and the individual generating the trouble had already left.

Murry said Capers yelled into the house and demanded that anyone inside come out with their hands up. He claimed Capers shot Aderrien in the chest when the latter stepped into the living room empty-handed.

Murry has sued the city of Indianola, the police chief, and Capers in federal court. The lawsuit, seeking at least $5 million, claims that Capers used excessive force and that Indianola failed to train the officer properly.

The Associated Press looked into an affidavit made by Murry demanding criminal charges be brought against Capers. On October 2, the Sunflower County Circuit Court will hold a probable cause hearing when discussing that affidavit.

For Murry, “this is only the beginning” of his written message. I hope Greg Capers is fired and banned from ever working in law enforcement again.

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