Dog Attack In Portland Triggers Animal Control Investigation

Reports of a dog assaulting another animal have prompted authorities in Northwest Portland to initiate an investigation. Michael Spence related that he and his dog Rex were for a Sunday evening jog near Northwest 23rd Avenue when an unrestrained dog came running out of a neighboring camp and attacked Rex.

According to Spence, the dog’s owner soon stepped in and yanked the animal away from Rex. The harm, however, had been done. Spence quickly left the area, relocating a few blocks away, and dialing 911 for help. Despite the claims of the emergency operator, no assistance appeared.

After receiving no reaction, Spence took Rex to the doctor where the injured dog needed 20 stitches and will need more than a month to fully heal. Spence also reported the incident to Multnomah County Animal Control. However, he was assured that there was no need for an immediate reaction because the situation was not now deemed an emergency. Check the tweet below:-

Spence voiced his displeasure and emphasized the need of taking swift action to prevent harm to others from the violent dog. He thought the dog would have been corralled and safely managed by animal control if they had responded quickly enough.

A spokesman for Multnomah County Animal Control said that because it was after hours, an officer was not sent to the area immediately. It was determined that it was not an immediate emergency because Rex was already being treated by a veterinarian and the loose dog had been returned to its owner’s custody. A spokesman for the company said they had begun looking into the situation.

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The complaint was documented and assigned to an officer for investigation, according to the statement released by Multnomah County Animal Control. It promised that an officer will get in touch with the complainant and do a follow-up on the incident, with particular attention paid to the owners of the loose-aggressive dog.

The authorities are continuing their investigation in order to collect all available data and guarantee that effective action is done. This event highlights the significance of quick response and cooperation between pet owners and animal control agencies in protecting pets and the public.

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