Shocking Arrest of Jerome County Prosecutor Unfolds in Oregon

The prosecutor for Jerome County, Oregon, has been arrested on allegations of domestic violence.

Christopher Bradley Calbo has been charged with fourth-degree assault, menacing, and two counts of misdemeanor strangling.

The 54-year-old was apprehended on June 4 in Lincoln City, Oregon, where he was spending his vacation.

The woman said Calbo strangled her and she was unable to breathe for 10 seconds, which is supported by the evidence presented in court. As per the court documents, an officer who listened to an audio recording of Calbo allegedly overheard him remark “I should kill you” or similar words.

Shocking Arrest of Jerome County Prosecutor Unfolds in Oregon

Commissioner Charles Howell of Jerome County informed KMVT that Calbo’s office will be responsible for his cases while he is out of town.

On the 12th, Calbo is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing in Lincoln County Court. Bail has been set at $500,000.

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