Missing Oregon Man’s Body Found Near Woods Spreading Loved One’s Ashes

On Monday(5 June 2023), authorities in Oregon announced that the body of a 58-year-old man who had gone missing while scattering the remains of a family member in a rural area had been located.

The unnamed man had gone to the area southeast of Molalla on Sunday with his brother, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. This location is near South Lais Road and South Dickie Prairie Road.

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The man, who was from the Welches region, had reportedly gone with his brother to deposit the ashes beside a tree that held sentimental value to the family.

The brothers became separated after they had trouble locating the tree they had planted as kids, according to the sheriff’s office.

Missing Oregon man's body found near woods spreading loved one's ashes

The family contacted the sheriff’s department for assistance after they had been unable to find the missing brother on their own.

Volunteers from the sheriff’s office and Portland Mountain Rescue began searching the area late on Monday night and located the body of the missing guy.

The man’s cause of death is still being investigated, although officials have speculated that he may have suffered from a medical issue. There was a lack of information at the time.

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