Possible Link Between 3 of 6 Female Victims in Oregon and Washington


At least three of the six women whose bodies have been discovered in Oregon and Washington in recent months shared similar backgrounds and patterns of behavior in the months leading up to their deaths, according to a source with knowledge of the inquiry.

According to sources not authorized to speak on behalf of any of the six police agencies, detectives are looking into a possible connection between three women, ages 32, 24, and 31, who were all seen together in Southeast 82nd Avenue and Clackamas Town Center.

According to the source, the Portland police department issued a statement on Sunday saying there is “no reason to believe these 6 cases are linked.”

The insider said, “It’s too early to say whether these deaths are unrelated or related.” As the saying goes, “Investigators are always looking for similarities with unsolved murders.”

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Police in Portland were asked to comment on whether the bureau’s evaluation was premature, but they did not provide any. A Local News reporterΒ indicated similarities in the “personal histories” of Speakes, Perry, and Webster, but they would not clarify. A reliable source has stated that it is unknown whether the same person killed all three women.

According to the autopsy report, Speaks suffered blunt force trauma. Investigators ruled Perry and Webster’s deaths suspicious, but no additional information was made public.

Tragic Death of All Within Three Weeks in April

Oregon State Police Forensic Science and Pathology Bureau Major Alex Gardner said in an email on Tuesday that his department gives first priority to forensic work and DNA analysis in situations of suspected murders but that no deadline has been set for these investigations. It’s all in your head.

Possible link between 3 of 6 female victims in Oregon and Washington
Possible link between 3 of 6 female victims in Oregon and Washington

On April 8, his body was discovered in a barn near Ridgefield, Washington, about 22 miles north of Portland, in Clark County. According to the investigation, a Clackamas County resident was found to have suffered fatal blunt head and neck injuries.

On April 24, Multnomah County sheriff’s deputies discovered Perry’s body in a ditch near Ainsworth State Park in east Multnomah County. The trench is at East Historic Columbia River Highway and Northeast Tumalt Road. However, the sheriff’s office has described his death as “suspicious” and has revealed nothing more. Not nearly enough to warrant concern.

Vancouver native Perry was reportedly spotted frequently by authorities in early March in downtown Portland’s Southwest Washington Street and Fourth Avenue, a neighborhood plagued with open-air fentanyl activity and usage.

However, on April 30th, Webster’s body was discovered on Harmony Road, close to Mill Creek in inland Polk County. The stated cause of his death has been deemed questionable, although little else is known about it. She was last seen in her Clackamas County residence.

Speakers Perry, Webster, and Three Other Women Were Found Dead

There were also three additional women, including Speakers Perry and Webster. A female body was discovered on April 24 in the Lents neighborhood of Southeast Portland, close to the intersection of Interstate 205 and Southeast Flavell Street. According to the Portland Police Department’s Sunday press release, they do not suspect foul play.

The body of Portland resident Ashley Real, 22, was located in the Eagle Creek neighborhood of Clackamas County on May 7. Real went missing on March 27 in Southeast Portland. His death was deemed suspicious after an inquiry. She was a former Clackamas County resident.

Kristin Smith, 22, was discovered dead on February 19 in Pleasant Valley, South East Port, in a wooded area near South East Dierdorf Road and Flavell Street. On December 22nd, his disappearance was reported. Police and the county investigator searched the area for clues, but the medical examiner in Multnomah County has not yet released a cause of death. Also among the bodies were guys. Let us pray for them

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