Video Shows Idaho Cop Killing 2 Family Dogs Out Of Rage

It’s been nearly a week since Idaho was last free of criticism. The officials there are doing a lot of things that are unethical. Today, we came across a video of a police officer in Idaho brutally killing two dogs. They weren’t strays, but rather household pets. The viral video has led to widespread calls for the officer’s dismissal.

Two dogs were running along a state highway when the event occurred, and the police were on their way. A female bystander who was traveling the same route captured the incident on her phone. Both dogs were shot by the officer; one died instantly and the other was whimpering for rescue. Check out the clip below by clicking view, some might find this disturbing so watch this graphic content on your own risk:-

The officer appeared appalled that canines were roaming the highway. Even though he had already phoned Animal Control to remove the dogs off the road, he was nonetheless displeased by their joyful disposition. After barely six minutes of waiting, he became impatient and opened fire on them. This demonstrates the cop’s inhumanity and callousness.

When the woman questioned the officer’s actions, he shouted at her and brandished his weapon. The officer claimed that the dogs were obstructing traffic, although it is obvious that his own vehicle was the one in the way. present were also three police cars present, all of which appeared angry despite his presence.

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After the dogs were killed on the road, everyone ran away. No one has the right to come along and randomly shoot an animal dead. None of the police officers there felt threatened by the dogs. Help obtain justice for the dogs by sharing this message as far as possible.


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