Oregonian Teen Sets Off Fireworks Intentionally In A Public Bus

What Oregon was in the past is not the same place as modern-day Oregon. The people of Oregon haven’t always been so cynical and bad. Things have shifted considerably in the past decade. It’s the most shocking and evil news we’ve ever heard. A video of a local teenager lighting fireworks inside a bus full of people was sent to us today.

This video was sent to us by email, and its originator has identified itself as being in Oregon. We don’t know where this happened exactly, but we know for sure that no country other than the United States would have the guts to pull this kind of stunt. While his companion was filming, a youngster on the bus pulled pyrotechnics out of his backpack. See how terrified the passengers were in the following video:-

The teenager ignites what appears to be a sky-shot firecracker in the middle of a crowded bus, and it shoots out into the sky and explodes. When the projectile fired by this fireworks device strikes a passenger in the head, it immediately detonates. Within minutes, smoke engulfed the whole bus, forcing the driver to pull over and save the lives of his passengers.

Since the entire bus may catch fire and burn to the ground along with the passengers, this constituted a serious risk to their safety. We were told that as soon as the bus pulled over, these two teenagers sprinted off. All of this is deliberate and part of a larger scheme. Even if they don’t realize it, they’re putting a lot of people in danger by doing this.

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These kinds of incidents occur because Oregon’s young are influenced by the wrong individuals. Everyone should do everything they can to provide their kids with a good education. Put your thoughts down on how you think the police should deal with these teenagers.

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