The First Clinic in the United States Dedicated to Psilocybin Therapy Will Open in Oregon

Oregon has made a bold move in the opposite direction, prohibiting research into the potential of “magic mushroom” treatments. Research into psilocybin therapy has been pushed forward by the Pacific Northwest, the first region in the United States to issue a license for such a facility.

Oregon Health Authority Psilocybin Services Section Head Angela Allbee is expected to take charge of the new facility. The facility is prepared to provide a variety of programs that could help those struggling with mental health issues.

A video discussing the upcoming Psilocybin therapy center in Oregon is also included here.

Psilocybin therapy relies on the use of magic mushrooms to reduce symptoms of stress, depression, and other mental health needs rather than the use of traditional prescribed medicines. Because of the treatment’s experimental nature, the core team enthusiastically supports analysis in order to understand the outcomes.

Oregon Will Open the First Us Psilocybin Clinic

If successful, this would open the door to a totally new method of treating mental well-being that differs from standard Western medicine.

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