Dead Dog Discovered Inside a Van in Old Town With a Homemade License Plate

According to the Portland Police Bureau, a dog was discovered de@d inside a van in the Old Town section of Portland on Wednesday, May 17. The van had a license plate that was created by hand.

The authorities entered the vehicle with the use of a search warrant. They could then remove the dog and collect evidence alongside other cops and a Multnomah County Animal Control member. After that, the van was hauled away.

β€œPlease do not leave animals in vehicles,” PPB said in a post on Instagram.

Call 911 if you discover an injured or distressed animal inside a car.

Here are the most current developments in Portland as we know them:

Anyone who may have information on the vehicle or the owner is asked to email with the case number 23-128613 in the subject line of their message.

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