Seven Days of Republican Protest in the Oregon Senate

On Tuesday, May 10, the Senate in Salem will have gone without a quorum for a whole week. This comes at a time when Republican senators are still skipping sessions. On Tuesday, nine Republicans and one Independent Senator did not have a valid justification for their absence.

Oregon Senate Republicans have been on strike for seven days, as shown in the video below-

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Senate Democrats have been using a vote taken in November as the basis for their boycott. It states lawmakers can’t seek reelection if they’ve missed ten legislative sessions without a reasonable cause.

Senate Minority Leader Tim Knopp said last week that his party has constitutional concerns about the bill. At the same time,Β Senate President Rob Wagner accused the GOP of abandoning voters by refusing to vote on it.

I wish we weren’t in this situation right now. Wagner said that Measure 113 was a clear message from Oregon voters that their representatives should be in Salem carrying out their duties.

Senator Knopp first claimed that their complaint was related to the wording of the bill summary. Wagner, though, claims they’re attempting to postpone a vote on HB 2002, which would ensure Oregonians have access to abortion and transgender-affirming healthcare.

Wagner made it plain that House measure 2002 would not be up to discussion after Senate Republicans “admitted to the media that their walkout was always about the Reproductive Health and Access to Care bill.”

Seven Days of Republican Protest in the Oregon Senate

Knopp stated that the demonstration would continue until there were serious talks and discussions.β€œThis session is all about the process, and President Wagner has led his party in abusing the process every step of the way,” he said. β€œIt would be a shame if President Wagner prevented us from doing the important work that still needs to be done this session.”

Here’s what you need to know now about recent events in Oregon:

Although Governor Tina Kotek has been mostly quiet on the last week’s impasse, she spoke briefly today. She said she talked to Knopp about it last week and that the Senate has to keep working for the people.

After saying, “I am watching, and hopefully, things will improve. If not, I will get involved,” Kotek said, β€œIt is true they have not spoken but are adults. They have to figure out how to get together and get back to work.”

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