Police Apprehended 7 Lloyd District Street Racers After Firearms Were Fired

According to the Portland Police Department, seven persons were detained early on Monday, April 01, morning for engaging in illegal street racing in the Lloyd District. On Sunday night, just before midnight, police reported that about 200 individuals had assembled near the corner of Northeast 13th Avenue and Multnomah Street to witness a race.

Shots were heard as police attempted to disperse the crowd, and an eyewitness told investigators that g*nf!re came from a p@ssing automobile. According to a police statement, no injury! Es were recorded. Police said that several drivers attempted to flee when they approachedΒ but were finally apprehended.

Police Apprehended 7 Lloyd District Street Racers After Firearms

Police claimed they towed the cars of the seven persons they arrested. According to the police, allΒ suspects were detained forΒ reckless driving. Some were also charged with additional offenses, such as weapon possession and evading or attempting to elude law enforcement.

A probable cause affidavit for one of the suspects states that police officers saw 100 or more street racers at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and North Marine Drive. A street takeover on Burnside Bridge, where bystanders saw drivers burn out and spin their vehicles in donuts, was captured on camera by The Oregonian/OregonLive earlier on Sunday.

In Portland, there has been a recurrent problem with street takeovers. A misdemeanor was created for “unlawful street takeovers” and “unlawful staging of a street takeover” last year after the City Council enacted emergency legislation. Police may seize vehicles associated with the incidents under the municipal code.

Oregon State’s most current rumors and breaking news, including:

I-84, the Interstate Bridge, the Sunset Highway Tunnel, and many other important Portland crossroads have all been stopped by street and bridge takeovers during the previous three years. In late August, more than a hundred people crowded onto the motorway to watch cars execute stunts and burn tires, forcing the closure of the Fremont Bridge for at least an hour.

Over a hundred rounds were fired during an illegal street racing event in late March, injur!ng four persons, including two teens and a youngster of 11.

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