Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Said Hom!cide Suspect Sh0t and K!lled During High-speed Pursuit

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) and the Portland Police Department sh0t and k!lled a mu*der suspect on Monday ( April 24) night.

At 10:55 p.m., police and deputies began pursuing a person they suspected was connected to a k!lling in Portland. The pursuit concluded on Southeast 82nd Avenue in unincorporated Clackamas County, between Southeast Monterey Avenue and Southeast Causey Avenue.

The incident occurred on Southeast 82nd Avenue, outside of a furniture business. On Tuesday(April 25) morning, employees scoured the shop for shell casings as cops vacuumed shattered glass. Bullet holes in the store’s front windows were disguised with sale flyers.

On Monday night, a video was sh0t at the location and shared with KGW, showing police officers making their way to a car. The sheriff’s office said law enforcement personnel sh0t the suspect during the encounter but provided no other details. The suspect received CPR but was pronounced de@d on the spot.

Hom!cide Suspect Sh0t and K!lled During High-speed Pursuit

CCSO has not released the person’s name or any other details regarding their suspected involvement in the Portland m*rder. The sheriff’s department did not comment on the pursu!t, the events leading up to the de@dly sh0t, or the time of the fat@l sh00ting.

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On Tuesday, local business owners voiced concerns about their safety. “That’s scary. I mean, that’s really close to home. It’s just scary,” said Lyman Hiter, who runs Crossfit Immense. “It’s unfortunate you just hear a lot of it. I was actually kind of surprised that an officer was involved…we have officers that work out here, but it was surprising to hear it so close.”

No information has been given on the Portland police officers or the CCSO deputies that were engaged. As is customary, they have been put on administrative leave with pay.

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