Gasoline-powered Delivery Vans Will Be Banned From 16 Blocks of Downtown Portland

Thanks to a $2 million grant, Portland will soon be one of the first U.S. cities to designate whole blocks as a zero-emission delivery zone.

On Tuesday(April 25), the Portland Bureau of Transportation said the funds would be used to establish a 16-block corridor in the city’s central business district where only zero-emission cars would be allowed to make deliveries.

Gasoline-powered Delivery Vans Will Be Banned

Electric cargo vans, trucks, bicycles, and hydrogen-powered automobiles fit the bill. The plan is to lessen the number of large trucks driving through the central business district. PBOT claims that the area around City Hall Plaza will serve as the test site for the zero-emission delivery zone pilot program.

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The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act authorized the distribution of the grant funds. PBOT was awarded funding with 58 other organizations. On Wednesday, Mingus Mapps, Portland’s transportation commissioner, will host a demonstration of a zero-emission car-only loading zone at the Portland Building, and federal officials will attend.

They’ll look at various electric delivery vehicles, such as trucks and cargo bikes, up close and personal. After the tour, they will conduct a press conference to discuss their goals to make downtown Portland safer and cleaner.

If the pilot program proves effective over the next several years, PBOT may be able to compete for an extra $15 million to make the program fully operational.

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