Governor Urges Federal Intervention in Fishing Disaster

Governor Tina Kotek has asked the U.S. Department of Commerce to declare a federal fishery resource disaster in response to a recent recommendation by the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) to close all commercial ocean fisheries for Chinook Salmon from Cape Falcon on the north Oregon Coast to the California border through August 2023.

Ad*lt salmon are taken in Oregon’s commercial fisheries when they mature off the California and Oregon coastlines. According to a press statement from Kotek’s office, however, this year’s returns of Chinook salmon to the Sacramento and Klamath rivers are predicted to be exceptionally low owing to previous droughts.

 Governor Urges Federal Intervention in Fishing Disaster

The National Marine Fisheries Service plans to close all commercial ocean fisheries for Chinook Salmon from Cape Falcon, on the north Oregon coast, to the California border in August 2023 to stabilize the salmon population in light of the potential effects of the drought on salmon spawning.

As a consequence of these predicted restrictions, the ex-vessel value of commercial troll fisheries in this region is likely to drop by 82% compared to the prior 5-year average, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The latest buzz on events at Oregon State is as follows:

Communities in need of financial help would greatly benefit from a federal fisheries disaster designation.

β€œSalmon are a vital component of Oregon’s natural resource-based economy,” Kotek said. β€œThis fishery provides significant commercial, recreational, and economic benefits to Oregon. Salmon are also highly valued by Oregon’s Tribes for cultural, subsistence, and economic benefits. I’m committed to working with our federal partners to ensure that Oregon’s fisheries and affected communities have the resources they need to tackle this challenge.”

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