Portland Crash Victims Remembered by Family

Destiny Elliot’s family is still grieving the de@th of Sascha, her sister, who was k!lled in a vehicle @ccident on NE Columbia Blvd some months ago. “The last few months have been very emotional. It’s been tough,” said Destiny. “Not having my sister here has been very emotional to my family, very tough. She was my go-to person.”

According to Elliot, her sister was traveling west on the busy route when she was struck by a vehicle traveling east. According to their findings, the motorist was traveling at a very high rate of speed. The force of the hit was fatal to Sascha. The family was notified this week that an individual had been arrested in connection with the de@dly collision.

Portland Crash Victims Remembered by Family

“I have been very emotional this past week,” said Elliot. “Just getting the news two days ago that someone has been @rrested makes a little more sense. I just had a feeling. I feel very emotional knowing this is going to go further than what we expected in a way because I didn’t feel like we were going to get justice served. I’m not sure what to feel besides emotional because that makes me feel like she should still be here.”

Richard Hunter Jr., 44, was reportedly apprehended this week in Washington. He faces second-degree manslaughter charges for the de@th of the victim. Elliot recalls that after the @ccident, friends, and relatives built a monument on the side of the road. They want to create something that will last a bit longer.

“We are also trying to see if we can adopt and put something up in memory of Sascha,” Elliot added, indicating a patch of grass off NE Columbia. Elliot explains that they wanted to do something to reduce traffic @ccidents and incidents. In response to letters from concerned citizens, the city installed traffic radars on both sides of the street.

“We want to get people to slow down here because there has been more than one de@th here on Columbia Blvd,” Elliot added. Hunter Jr. is still being held in Clark County Jail on manslaughter in the second-degree accusation out of Multnomah County.

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