A Man Was Sh0t in the Leg in Portland’s Southeast Neighborhood

According to the authorities, a person in the Southeast Portland neighborhood was sh0t in the leg late Thursday (April 20) night, and a significant police presence reacted to the area.

Β The cops received a contact to go to the area near Southeast Powell Boulevard and Southeast 31st Avenue just after 11 p.m.

A witness at the cr!me site informed us that he heard the sh00ting. Inside a recreational vehicle parked in the back of a local auto repair shop, the authorities discovered a guy who had been wounded and was suffering from the wound.

A Man Was Sh0t in the Leg in Portland's Southeast Neighborhood

The latest news on events nearby you is as follows:

Officers put two tourniquets on the man’s leg before paramedics transported him to a hospital for additional treatment.

Once there, his injuries were evaluated, and it was found that they did not threaten his life, according to the authorities. The police could not find any suspects or offer a description of the suspects. An inquiry is ongoing.

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