Ab0rti0ns rise in Washington as Idaho cracks down

New data shows that the number of ab0rti0ns in Washington increased by about 10% last year after some states, such as Idaho, made it harder to get an ab0rtion.

According to a Society of Family Planning report, about 170 ab0rti0ns were done each month in Idaho before the Supreme Court rejected Roe v. Wade last June.

Abortions rise in Washington as Idaho cracks down

  • By September, the number had almost reached zero because the state had started to enforce one of the strictest ab0rtion bans in the country.

In the state of Washington, doctors did about 170 more ab0rtions in December than they did in April.

During that time, the number of ab0rtions done in Oregon increased by about 20%.

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Last summer, ab0rtion doctors in Washington told Axios that more people were coming from Idaho to get an ab0rtion. The new numbers show that the trend continued and may have even worsened by the end of 2017.

  • We are watching to see if the flow of patients from Idaho slows down now that the state has taken steps to make some ab0rtion travel illegal.

Last week, lawmakers in Washington passed a bill that will stop local police from helping other states look into ab0rtion care that is given in other states.

Source- Axios Seatlle

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