Missing Oregon Teen Located in Northern California Park

CHICO โ€” A press release from the Chico Police Department says that around noon on Wednesday, 23 March 2023, they caught a man in a camp at upper Bidwell Park with a missing girl.

Police said they arrested Rory Murga, 23 because they thought he had a warrant out for his arrest. Officers allegedly found him with a 16-year-old girl who had been reported missing by the Orange Police Department in Orange County. This was said in a press release.

Police got a report about a missing teen on Tuesday night, 22 March 2023. The girl is thought to have run away from her parents and gone to Chico with Murga, who Los Angeles County Court wanted for a felony warrant with no bail.

Missing Oregon Teen Located in Northern California Park

The Chico police said they heard the girl and Murga camped on the edge of a cliff in the north-rim part of upper Bidwell Park, between Bear Hole and the power lines.

A press release said that police used binoculars to find the camp and a surveillance drone to identify Murga positively.

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A press release said that Target Team and the detective bureau members went to the camp around noon and arrested Murga and the missing girl without any problems.

Police said the girl was back with her parents and was no longer listed as missing.

The press release said Murga was taken into custody because of the open warrant.

Source- mercurynews.com

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